My  name is Mathias Haas and I’ve been working as a Windows consultant since 1995. I’ve been working primarily with deployment since 2003 with a few breaks for some web facing server-infrastructure projects (also known as web sites). Sometimes I’m also a teacher in SCCM 2007 at the education company Addskills in Stockholm, Sweden. My current employer is Fidelity Consulting.

I love ConfigMgr  with all its’ faults and errors but I’m im no way affiliated to Microsoft or any other firm except my employer. If you wish to contact me, send an email to [encode_email email=”mathias.haas@fidelityconsulting.se” display=”mathias.haas@fidelityconsulting.se]

I’m also an avid mountainbiker (hence the picture), beer brewer and amateur astronomer. If you wish to talk about that too, I’m all ears! :-)