Quick-fix for Scheduled Updates and Windows 10

Posted by mathias

In System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Release 2, Service Pack 1, Cumulative Update 1. There is a bug. If you try to do offline servicing to a Windows 10 Operating System Image (also known as a Scheduled Update) there will be exactly zero visible software updates in the console to apply to the image. It’s annoying but it takes only 30 seconds to fix. But why does this happen? I’ll show you!


This is from SMSProv.log at the same time I tried to Schedule an update and as  » Continue Reading


Install .Net 3.5 as a feature from the task sequence

Posted by mathias

Sometimes what seems so easy turns out to be a little bit more complicated.

If you install the MDT-extensions for SCCM 2012 you will get the excellent option to add roles and features. It turns out that only .Net Framework 4.5 will actually install and not 3.5 if you’re installing Windows 8 / Server 2012. The media is on the source media (*.iso/DVD) but not a part of Windows by default.

Install Roles

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Report Builder can’t connect to SQL Server

Posted by mathias

You try to connect to the SCCM 2012 Data Source but Report Builder throws this error:

“A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the pre-login handshake. (provider: SSL Provider, error: 0 – The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted.)”

2014-01-14 11-28-13

This is because the connection needs to be authenticated by the means of a certificate that is on the SQL-server which your client doesn’t have. You need to export the “ConfigMgr SQL Server Identification Certificate” from your SQL Server Personal store to your clients Trusted Root store. Here’s a How-To: » Continue Reading


SCCM 2012 RC is out

Posted by mathias

The long awaited Release Candidate for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 is out.
Get it from Microsoft here.

Niall Brady, quick as a bat, has already written a guide how to install it.



When the boot image takes forever to load…

Posted by mathias

This one isn’t new but I haven’t encountered this problem until today.
My customers WindowsPE boot image took 1 minute and 15 seconds to load. This is when the PXE-server transfers WindowsPE to the RAM-disk via TFTP. In other words, before the OS-Image gets applied. Adjusting the TFTP-packet size might shorten loading times since larger packets needs fewer acknowledgements from the client. In my customers case it was the fix. With a packet size of 8192 the WindowsPE-image transfer took 26 seconds and with a packet size of 16384 the transfer took only 20 seconds. That’s going from 2mb/s to 7.5mb/s on a 100mbit link.

Previous to SCCM 2007 SP2 you had to download a hotfix but that’s no longer needed. All you need to do is add the following to your registry:

For SCCM 2012 the path is
Add the DWord-value RamDiskTFTPBlockSize and set the decimal value to 16384.

If your SCCM 2007  installation OS is 64bit the path is:


For 32 bit OSes and for SCCM 2007 the path is :


Here is the official Microsoft KB: KB968718

Don’t forget to restart the WDS-service after you change the registry-value.

Update! With SCCM 2012 build 1606 there’s a new registry option called “TFTPWindowsSize” to modify the window size of TFTP packages. (“The receive window is the number of bytes a sender can transmit without receiving an acknowledgment.” – Microsoft).

Jörgen Nilsson has done an excellent comparison on how the two registry values impact speed during the download of the bootimage. So have a look at his site here: